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Hello, I’m Alice!

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I coach people on how to


their experience of life!

I will help you cultivate CONFIDENCE, HEALTH and VITALITY with my evidence-based lifestyle coaching.

My work is GROUNDED IN SCIENCE — I was a Dentist for 10 years before I decided to follow my passion for Wellbeing and retrain as a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner and Health Coach. I have an expert understanding of the science behind lifestyle as medicine, the body & human behaviour.

As a coach I use the 5 evidence-based pillars of Lifestyle Medicine as my framework — Movement, Food, Stress Management, Restorative Sleep and Connection. I want to help you build a balanced lifestyle that improves your wellbeing and is REALISTIC FOR YOU in your current circumstances.

I truly believe that you are already creative, resourceful and whole. This means I am not there to do the work for you, I am there to GUIDE you towards the life you want to live!

I look forwarding to meeting you,

Alice Thomson BDS Dip BSLM

why enliven?

Hire me if you are determined to cement your self-confidence, strengthen your resilience and find joy in your life every single day!


I would love you to work with me if you want to experience a feeling of freedom, ease and more time in your life. If you want to explore your sense of adventure and connection with the world around you and most importantly if you are ready to be in control of your health and your life.

My Coaching is for you if you love nature, the great outdoors and moving your body to relax your mind.

As your coach I can help you draw upon your strength, determination, kindness and compassion; then apply them to the areas of your life you want to pay more attention to. This will help you strengthen your wellbeing foundations and create a feeling of ease, balance and flow.

My work is all grounded in science and I am here to listen to you, support you and never judge you.

Lead the life you want to live!

My credentials:

Bachelor of Dental Surgery

(Dundee University) 2009

10 years working as an Associate Dentist in the UK & Australia

Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner

Diploma - British Society of Lifestyle Medicine 2021

Health and Wellness Coach

Certificate in H&W Coaching - Institute of Health Sciences 2022

UK & International Health Coaching Association- Full Member

My core values:


I practice what I preach but completely embrace the fact that I am not perfect — I am just passionate about living a life full of vitality and do the best I can!


I maintain a professional code of ethics bound by the UK & International Health Coaching Association so you can rest assured I will treat your information with complete privacy and respect.


I am empathic, patient and kind - these values mean you can rest assured that if you work with me you will always be heard and never judged!


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Lifestyle is the



Lifestyle Medicine is a medical discipline that focuses on working on science-backed 'Lifestyle Pillars' to help you manage your health.

Each pillar is of equal importance and helps to support the others to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We need to move more, eat well, get restorative sleep, manage our stress and connect with the world around us to enjoy a life full of vitality.

As a Certified Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner I am qualified to guide you through this framework to ensure you make lasting positive lifestyle changes that are realistic to you and help you achieve your goals!

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stay fresh workshops

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A slice of inspiration, motivation & community.


I run a variety of relaxed, fun, in-person workshops in Fife, Scotland.

These involve things like a little bit of movement, education, community, one to one health coaching tasters, goal setting, confidence building, habit change and motivation.

I incorporate topics like nutrition, physical activity, longevity, sleep health, stress management, raising your resilience, reducing your vulnerability, silencing inner your critic, cementing your confidence and much more!

See what’s on next by clicking the ticket below:

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women’s wellness days

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The attention to detail set this day apart from others! Thank you for a wonderful day.


If you prefer a fully immersive day of relaxation, taking a proper break from that daily hustle and bustle and reconnecting with your inner joy for life, then come and join in on one of my Women’s Wellness Day retreats in beautiful Fife, Scotland!

These always include Lifestyle Coaching by a certified Health Coach, science-based education from a Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, delicious food across the day, connection with likeminded people, nature inspired movement in a beautiful rural escape and you leaving at the end feeling lighter, happier and inspired for life!

Each full day retreat is unique but include things like:

  • A little bit of movement e.g. hike, trail run, yoga or pilates.
  • Hot/cold therapy with saunas, cold water swimming, cold plunge.
  • Relaxation e.g. breathwork, meditations
  • Lifestyle education grounded in science.
  • Community and connection
  • Opportunities for some one to one health coaching tasters
  • Goal setting, confidence building, habit change and motivation.

See what’s on next by clicking the ticket below:

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Enliven Wellness Days in the news!

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one to one:

health & LIFESTYLE

coaching (online)

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You asked me what did I want from the coaching?

A path for the future, and that’s what I got.

P. M, Ireland

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I have a limited amount of spaces for a deeper dive into your WHY, your vision for your FUTURE and creating the solid, clear ACTIONS that will get you to your GOALS.

My one to one coaching will give you a sense of freedom, invite more adventure into your life, encourage you to find the joy in connection and give you back your identity.

As your Health & Lifestyle Coach I will GUIDE you towards making POSITIVE LASTING lifestyle changes, I will help EMPOWER you to take CONTROL of your life, together we will build your CONFIDENCE & protect your PEACE. Throughout our sessions I will provide you with SUPPORT, ACCOUNTABILITY and most of all COMPASSION.

My one to one coaching is bespoke and YOU drive the agenda. I am simply here to help guide you towards the life you want to live.

As your Lifestyle Coach:

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I am your ally and guide, not your educator.

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I hold you accountable to yourself to do what you have said you will do, but you retain freedom — if you turn back or something doesn’t work, I will never criticise or judge.

I help you recognise your own innate ability and resources to affect lasting change on your own life.

Hit the button below to contact me and find out more about my one to one packages and prices or to book a FREE 30 MINUTE COACHING TASTER SESSION:

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Workplace & SCHOOL programmes

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Support your people to be the best version of themselves.


Investing in the health and wellbeing of your people is an investment in improving their attendance, presenteeism, productivity and pride.

My programmes are a combination of group education and individual level coaching.

Working through strategies and interventions I help to guide clients towards improved health and resilience within the workplace, school environment and at home.

Focussing on coaching through the science-backed pillars of Lifestyle Medicine will help to improve the health conditions and overall wellness of your employees and in turn strengthen your business's resilience!

For more Information on my inspiring:

  • Group presentations/workshop series
  • Corporate Wellness Days (Internal or External)
  • High school workshops for our young people
  • One to one coaching packages
  • Quarterly check-ins
  • Accountability and Support
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Social Media Testimonial

Alice is a deeply empathic and supportive coach. She really cared about the outcomes I wanted from health coaching and seemed to intuitively know the right questions to ask to help me to achieve them.

She was an ally in the truest sense of the word never judging anything I said and gently guiding me to make progress.

During my time working with Alice I made changes in my life I never thought possible and which resulted in a greatly enhanced sense of job satisfaction and much lower levels of stress.

Mary Lynch, Business Consultant, Ireland

John Kenneally, Machinist, Ireland

Kind words

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JP Greaney

“Thank you so much for the help and guidance. Sticking to my diet plan and even eliminating drink...

The best advice was if someone is stuck in a rut, feeling that they are missing something in their lives, to look for a routine that's positive, and doable; that they feel might steer them in the right direction with regards to health and lifestyle. So helping me with a balanced, positive routine shaped my life to a much more positive place.”



“It was like with a click of my fingers I stopped overthinking”

“I’m better at asking for help...this has been revolutionary for me”

R. Thain, Engineer, Fife

The coaching given by you has taken me to another very practical level. I am really astonished by the changes happening to me during these 3 sessions.

Nina Qin, Strategic BD Lead, Shanghai

Social Media Testimonial

“Alice Put me totally at ease so I found it easy to tell her honestly what areas in my life I felt i needed to work on...

I didn't feel like I was just being told by Alice what to do...

her outside perspective and gentle questioning helped me break down the barriers I had put up to stop me getting to my "Happy Place”.

Carolyn Pickard, Farmer, Fife

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Jennifer Marshall

“Sometimes things in life are in plain sight, but you can’t quite grasp what needs to change, until someone skilled like Alice helps to give you the practical tools you need to get the most out of life”


Kind words



Work with me!

If you are interested in any of my offerings, or would like to discuss your own bespoke Wellness creation, then I would love to chat with you and discuss how I can help!

Please hit one of the buttons below to connect with me and move towards the life you want to live!

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